Installation is available for all our enterprise solutions.  Installation included setup of the Infinidisc appliance and storage arrays, network configuration, active directory integration and administrator training. Additional services are available for high availability solutions.

Bulk Load Service

We know that moving to the cloud can be a difficult decision.  We also know that moving all your archive data across the internet can be a slow and expensive proposition.  That is why we offer the ability to send your data to us on any NAS product that we can use to directly add you content to your vault.  Shipping, while expensive, is still more cost effective than moving data across the internet, and it insures your data is vaulted and protected as soon as possible.  We have a limited number of loaner arrays that can be used for this purpose, as can the Infinidisc Appliance be used.  Let us know if you have other ideas on how we can best serve you to get your data into the vault.  Fees for this service depend on the amount of data being vaulted.  Contact sales with questions

Bulk Out Service

We know that at some point, all things come to an end, and while we would like to think you will be our customer forever, the likelihood of that is certainly not assured.  In the event that you want you data back, our bulk out service included packaging up a copy of all your tapes and sending them back to you.  Fee for this service depends on the number of tapes you have in your vault, but our goal is to make your transition out as simple and straight forward as your transition in.


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