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Regulations.  Corporate Controllers.  Financial Officers.  Your own common sense.  Who knows what leads you to look into archiving as a solution to long term retention of corporate assets, but we're glad you are here.  Current file growth is beyond anything ever projected by industry analysts five years ago.  It is a different world, with unstructured data driving up to 20% of IT budgets, not including the time and resources to house, manage and backup that data.  Yet, study after study shows that up to 80% of file data, once created, is never accessed again.  Of the balance, most is accessed twice in the first 60 days, and then never accessed after that.  Spending money on keeping all that data on spinning disk is a complete waste of money, whether it is in your data center or in the cloud on a service provider's disk.  Infinidisc uses tape.

Cloud Solutions
Our cloud solution are built around the Infinidisc vault.  Housed in a SAS70 certified data center, your vault is available from any in the world.  Your data is stored on your own dedicated media, never intermingled with others.  You can upload files into the vault though the Infinidisc Appliance, through our secure web portal or via FTP.  Once you have loaded your data, it automatically starts the process of writing it to tape.  Once one copy is written, another copy is made to another tape.  Once the second tape gets full, it is immediately pulled from the library and move to a secure off site location, providing even better long term retention and viability.

Our appliances make storing data into your vault transparent and automatic.  Instead of FTP or web browsing, the appliance works on your network as a file server which automatically moves data to your vault and never gets full.  The appliance is the ultimate in simplicity for loading and accessing your vault.

For more information about our Cloud solution see our datasheet and FAQ and the How it works page.

On Premise Solutions
If you are not ready for the cloud, or if corporate regulations limit your ability to move to the cloud, we have complete on premise solutions available, including tape libraries, services and cache storage.  Our software is also available to those who already own their own hardware and are just looking for the right software to help them manage their own archive.  Contact Infinidisc sales with your on premise archive needs.

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