The Vault

Envision your Infinidisc Archive as a safety deposit box for your data. The Infinidisc Archive is located at our secure data center where you can send an unlimited amount of data via the Internet to your private vault.. We take care of the rest. where will take care of writing your data to multiple locations. It is a safe location, housed in a secure, world class data center. Easy access to your private vault is either through your web browser or FTP, a file movement utility available on literally any platform you can imagine. Your data is never written to media with any other customer's data, it is your and yours alone. You can access your vault from anywhere in the world. The size of your vault is determined by the amount of data you want to put in this safe location, so you can move it off primary storage and out of your backup cycle. You can start small and grow your vault at any time. By properly grooming your data, you can reduce your spending on primary storage (and floor space and administrator time and power and cooling...), and you can reduce your backup window, because once archived, there is no longer a need to back it up. Your vault is a great place to simplify your compliance storage requirements. You can organize your vault in any way you see fit to make retrieving data as intuitive and easy as possible. You can store old project files, old finance records, call logs, experiment data, anything you need to keep around for a long time, but need to find it quick if you need it in the future. Unlike most cloud storage services, the Infinidisc Vault uses tape as the ultimate storage platform, and while it first lands on disk, we quickly start the process of staging you data off to tape. By using tape, our goal is completely mask the use of tape, expose the price advantages offered by tape, and remove every aspect of managing tape from your concern.   

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